Results and Notes

CHAVC welcomes back all of its returning and new athletes for Open Gyms!
All open gyms will be held at Carrboro High School per the time and dates found here.

This is a great opportunity to meet our new coaches, work on specific skills and drills and generally prepare for club tryouts.

12 Chaos 1st place 3/15/2014 Regional Tourney

14 Boom 1st Place 3/1/2014 Regional Tourney

16 Heat 1st Place 2/22/2014 Regional Tourney

15 C-Hill 2nd Place 2/15/14 Regional Tourney

13 Shatter 2nd Place 2/1/2014 Regional Tourney

14 Boom 3rd Place 2014 Capitol Hill Classic

13 Shatter 1st Place 3/22/14 Regional Championship

12 Chaos 2nd Place East/West Championship 4/12/14

16 Heat 1st Place 1/25/2014 Regional Tourney

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