Club Policies

Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club (CHAVC) supports USA Volleyball’s motto of “growing the game”!   CHAVC promotes competitive volleyball while holding good sportsmanship and the overall development of the scholar-athlete as its top priorities.
We pursue the highest ethical and sportsmanship standards, and strive to produce competitive athletes with excellent technique.
We believe a proper balance of challenge, discipline, and support produces the best learning environment and, since athletes tend to perform best when they are having fun, we work hard to ensure that players enjoy the process.
We believe in positive coaching and that it is counter-productive to humiliate players.  However, part of coaching is making certain a player knows if he or she is not performing a skill correctly or is making poor choices, along with instruction about how to do better.  What we don’t accept is demeaning or disrespectful behavior by our coaches.  We distinguish between “You made a bad choice” and “You are bad.”

Forming Teams
  • Traveling teams normally have 9 to 11 players and our goal is to select players so each has a role on the court.
  • Traveling team players are selected by tryout.  While we do not hold positions for players from year to year, we recognize that a team forms over time and that team bonds can improve play.  Also, we appreciate club loyalty.  So, a returning player has an advantage during team selection except when someone new to CHAVC shows noticeably better skills and would better meet the needs of the team.  The coaches can also take into account factors such as, but not limited to, the team’s needs regarding positions and a returning player’s attitude, attendance, and effort during practices and matches the previous year.  Tryouts are in October and/or November as permitted by the Carolina Region and the club abides by the region’s  “signing days.”
  • Development teams may have more players than our other teams and tryouts for development teams are mostly about desire to learn, love of the game, and general athleticism.
  • The club believes most players benefit more by playing in their USAV age group rather than “playing up”.  However, on rare occasions a player might be significantly more skilled than others at her or his age and might be good enough to be an impact player on an older team.  If such a player expresses a desire to “play up” by contacting CHAVC’s club director,, before try outs, the director will consult with the coaches of the relevant teams and advise the player about her or his options.  If after such consultation the player decides to go to two tryouts (very rare), she will have to register twice and pay two tryout fees.  Note that CHAVC offers at most one spot per player per season.
  • CHAVC will not offer a spot to any player who has an outstanding balance from an earlier season.
Playing Time
  • Players in good standing will have some playing time in every match.
  • To be in good standing, a player must pay his or her club dues, be registered with USAV, and meet their coach’s practice and attendance rules.  Coaches will announce these rules early in the season.
  • Regardless of the amount of playing time players have at tournaments, all players who are willing to work hard to learn will receive equivalent attention and training during practices.

Playing Positions

Older teams often have players who are specialized by positions such as setter, outside hitter, or libero. Coaches assign positions to players based on the needs of the team. Players can and should ask for the positions they want, but should also be prepared to learn multiple positions for their personal growth and the advancement of the team.

  • Conflict resolution requires communication and effective communication is a skill we encourage all our players, parents, and coaches to develop.
  • We have a four step process for disputes: 1) set up a meeting between player(s) and coach(es) to discuss the issue; 2) if that does not resolve the issue, set up a meeting with player(s), parent(s) and coach(es); 3) if this does not work, each of the parties should set up separate meetings with the club director and; 4) the club director will communicate the resolution to all the parties involved in the dispute/conflict.

Financial Aid

CHAVC usually has funds for a small number of need-based grants.  Click here to download our Financial Aid Application. Submission information is on the application. If you would like additional information, please email Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as a job loss or a major medical event, financial aid applications are due on or before the region’s signing dates (usually early November for the younger ages and mid November for the older ages).
Financial aid is processed and awarded discreetly by our Financial Aid Committee.

Adding Events

It’s great when a team and/or coach are having so much fun they want to add practices or a tournament or two to their schedule. BUT it is important to remember that families’ finances may or may not stretch to cover a surprise halfway through the season and a coaches’ schedule may also be inflexible. So, CHAVC has a set of rules that are meant to emphasize the optional nature of added tournaments and their financial separateness from regular club dues.

  1. At least one coach and enough players (typically 8 minimum) must be willing to participate and no player is required to attend.
  2. The club’s treasurer will tell the coach/team the total cost of the event.
  3. The team’s coach is responsible for collecting that total amount from the players/families who will be participating. This collection process is entirely separate from all regular and extended season club dues and fees that were announced at the beginning of the season.
  4. AFTER the money is turned in, the team will be registered for the event. If the team is closed out the money will be returned of course.

Approved Feb 2013 by the Board of Directors.

Jewelry and Ear Piercing

Since 2011 the USAV rules have included the statement: “A junior volleyball athlete participating in a junior event may not wear jewelry.  An exception will be made for religious or medical medallions that are removed from chains and taped or sewn under the uniform.”  We strongly recommend that players schedule ear piercing after their USAV season ends.  However, players may wear stud earrings (not hoops or dangles) at CHAVC practices provided the studs are bandaged or taped over.

Bad Weather

If you don’t feel safe driving to a practice or a tournament, please don’t.  But do contact your coach and tell him or her you can’t make it.  Teams can be sanctioned if they do not notify the Carolina Region that they will not be able to attend a tournament.  The region’s Point System/Pools area is where they post weather updates about tournaments by the way.  Go to the tournament’s date.  More details about how the region deals with bad weather are at the region’s Inclement Weather Policy page.  With regard to practices, the public and private school gyms are often closed in the evenings if bad weather causes school to be cancelled.  When the weather is bad or is very threatening, check your e-mail or team web site for notices from your coaches or CHAVC management.

Adult Participation in Juniors' Activities

All adults interacting with junior players in the gym must be USAV members, have a current background screen, and must have completed the SafeSport course.

These are insurance and safety requirements (and USAV policy).


Season Dues and Fees
Club expenses do not change if a player stops participating so this policy is a balance between the club's desire to be compassionate and the club's need to cover expenses.

  • Individual Refunds
    If a family requests a refund because of a season ending injury the club will refund either the requested amount or unused tournament and practice dues, whichever is lower, according to this schedule:

    • Up to 100% of unused dues if approved by club management and the injury occurred before December 1 and a replacement player is found,
    • 50% of the unused dues if the injury occurs after December 1.

    If the injury is not season ending, generally the club will not give any refund but if requested club management will consider each case for extraordinary circumstances.
    The club will not refund jersey or "overhead" costs such as conditioning, position training, and insurance. The club will not refund any player or family travel expenses that the club had to pre-pay such as non-refundable airline tickets.
    If the club keeps any unused dues, the treasurer will provide a tax donation receipt to the family.

  • Team Refunds
    If a team misses a tournament because the region or the site cancels it and the tournament cannot be re-scheduled, the club will refund $100 to the team but only to go toward an end of season party or team event.

Short Term Program Payments
For short programs (such as Volley101 and camps) that fill up the club will refund payment only if a replacement player can be found. For short programs that do not require payment in advance to hold a player's spot, the club will refund payments on request before the program starts. Refund requests after a program starts are unlikely but will be considered on request.