The Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club is a not for profit corporation established in 1990 for the purpose of promoting the sport of volleyball in the Orange/Durham/Alamance/Chatham County areas of North Carolina. Our mission is to provide playing opportunities for juniors in a wholesome, community-building atmosphere, and to foster individual skill development while emphasizing the highest standard of good sportsmanship.

For more information about our club, to join our mailing list, or to become a member, please contact our Club Director.  Correspondence may be mailed to CHAVC at PO Box 9851, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-9851.


The CHAVC Vision is our Club's "Why" ... Why we are in the business of teaching your children the great sport of volleyball. Our vision is to:

Inspire Excellence:

We believe that every moment represents a change to excel. Our goal is to be patient, deliberate cultivators of talent, and to ignite a passion for excellence in all of our athletes. We set our standards high and expect nothing less from our athletes and coaches.

Foster Character:

At CHAVC, its not just about volleyball.... we think that the life lessons that come from playing on a team are just as important as learning to play the sport itself. Integrity, compassion, respect and resilience are valuable lessons that contribute to creating caring, confident and courageous young women.

Promote Teamwork:

We believe in the transformative power of teamwork. At CHAVC we want our players to be great athletes, but even better teammates. It's about lifting each other up, being a giver, and knowing that we are all stronger together.

Build Community:

We are bigger than the next match, our last loss, or even the game we are playing. We believe in uniting for something larger than ourselves and for serving and supporting our teammates and community.


We utilize the Core Practice Method inspired by the work of Florida State University psychologist Dr. Anders Ericsson and Daniel Coyle (The Talent Code) who found that skill is learned, and that high performance is possible regardless of perceived natural talent.

Specifically, we believe that the more time and energy you put into the right type of practice, the more skill you develop. For CHAVC, “core” is the part of practice that produces the most skill and improvement. We've seen that our young athletes learn best when they are taken out of their comfort zone and by trying and struggling, not by gliding. Core Practice is finding that sweet spot between struggle and mastery that optimizes development of talent and skill.

Our Core Practice Method of coaching is designed to fuel the tanks of our athletes with confidence and motivation. We use effort-based language and short, vivid cues to make learning the game of volleyball fun and rewarding.

  • Fill fuel tanks with love and motivation – we coach people
  • Give constant feedback – feedback is a gift
  • Teach proper technique every time, all the time
  • Athletes should play on the edge of their ability
  • Set high standards and expect progress
  • Welcome mistakes/Permission to fail
  • Teach athletes to look within (self correct)
  • Create fast-paced, high-energy practices
  • Ignite passion, commitment, drive
  • Utilize positive coaching techniques
  • Use effort based language and short, vivid, high definition cue
  • Affection without weakness – meet the player where they are

“(Coaching) exists in the space between two people, in the warm, messy game of language, gesture, and expression.” –Daniel Coyle The Talent Code