IMG_9474The 2018 Chaperone Program will include 15U -  18U. The Chaperone Program is intended to help keep costs down for our families and ensure smooth and timely movement between hotel and competition venues during our three-day travel tournaments.

Applicable Tournaments: Big South (Atlanta, GA) & South Atlantic Championships (Richmond, VA)

Hotel: Teams will room together at hotel. Rooms will consist of 3-4 players depending on size of team. CHAVC has requested that team rooms be in the same block/hallway. Coaches will be responsible for player room assignments. Coaches are encouraged to switch up room assignments for each tournament.

Travel to Tournament: Parents are responsible for getting their players to the tournament city. Some parents choose to arrange car pools with other families who choose to attend the tournament.

Chaperone / Coach Responsibilities:

      • Chaperones must join/renew USAV and be background checked and must complete "SafeSport" training through USA Volleyball (all coaches are required to take this as well).  CHAVC will pay for USAV membership and background check for up to one Chaperone per team. (SafeSport is free.)  Note:  Join USAV before taking SafeSport so you can link your SafeSport completion to your USAV membership.
      • Chaperones are required to book a hotel room within the team block, and will then be reimbursed 50% of the hotel (at the block rate), airfare, and parking for up to one Chaperone per team. They are welcome to room with other parents.
      • Chaperones will coordinate all team meals and snacks during tournament. Player meals and snacks are included in Team Fees.
      • Chaperone / Coach will coordinate all in-city team travel to competition venue, hotel, restaurants (Metro, light rail, Uber when necessary). In-city transportation cost is included in Team Fees.
      • Chaperone / Coach will handle check-in at hotel for team and coordinate room assignments, lights-out, curfew, and wake-up calls.
      • Chaperone / Coach will review team departure times, code of conduct, and team activity/agenda items.
      • CHAVC will give Chaperones funds at least one week prior to tournament to be used to pay for food and any other in-city travel. Please keep all receipts.  Chaperones will give accounting to head coaches after each tournament so head coaches know amount of money left at end of season.
      • Chaperones to have copies of team medical forms (which may be copied from Coach set).
      • Upon check-in, Chaperone will locate local urgent care, or "doctor on call" at hotel if applicable.



      • Parents will have full access to their daughters and are welcome to dine with team and/or enjoy any sightseeing activities while team is not playing.
      • If players do go off with families during down time, we ask that activities not interfere with scheduled team meals or "lights out."
      • There will be a limited number of rooms available for parents at hotel. Parents are encouraged to room with other parents to keep costs down.
      • Parents who cannot or do not wish to attend a tournament may coordinate carpools with other families.


Hotel & Lights Out Protocol

      1. Room Checks
        • Chaperones to check rooms at 10:30pm
        • Players not to leave room after room check
        • Phones may be kept in room but no texting/phone use after 10:30pm
        • All electronics (music, videos, tv) off at 11:00pm
        • Never be alone with a player in room. Ask before entering.
      2. Players may leave room to use pool, health club, socialize in common ares of hotel, etc.
        • Must text Chaperone to let her/him know
        • Must take a buddy
        • If player wants to spend time with family, she must let Chaperone know
      3. Ramifications for not following rules:
        • First warning: occurs at 10:30 Room Check
        • First incident: Miss first set
        • Second incident: Miss first match
        • Phones will be collected if players don't obey rules
      4. Players are not allowed to order room service or movies in hotel room.
      5. If approved by Coach, players are allowed to shower/sleep in parent rooms as long as Chaperone is notified.


Food & Snacks

      1. Chaperones may want to poll team on food preferences (we will forward you link to sample poll if requested
      2. Team Meals:
        • Parents may go along with team to team meals
        • Team Fees cover meals
        • Coaches will attend team meals
        • See attachment for ideas and suggestions
      3. Tournament Snacks:
        • Chaperones are encouraged to assemble ziplock baggies of nutritious items for teams to eat in between matches while at convention center.
      4. Meals at Convention Center:
        • Some Chaperones are coordinating lunch and dinner at the Convention Center since the AM and PM waves will run through those mealtimes.
        • Moe's, Subway, and Chipotle are good options and usually nearby. Chaperones can go themselves to pick up or a parent volunteer can do this.
      5. In-Room Snacks:
        • Some Chaperones are planning to stock player rooms with healthy snacks to nibble on while in rooms
      6. If breakfast is not included in the hotel fee (some hotels do not offer this), Chaperone will need to organize. Some Chaperones are doing a "Grab and Go" breakfast that players can pick up from Chaperone room and eat in lobby. As an alternative, teams can come to the Chaperone room and eat breakfast (oatmeal, cereal, scrambled eggs, fruit, etc) there.
      7. All funds not spent at a tournament will go forward to the next travel tournament. At end of season, all unused funds will remain with team and may be used for an end-of-season party or a special excursion.
      8. Chaperones should encourage players to bring an insulated bag for snacks during tournament.



  • Chaperones are encouraged to create "GroupMe" Chat Groups for team, coaches, and parents.


Thank you so much for taking on this important job!

Jen and Linda