Board of Directors

Sally Goerner
- Chairman

Jack Petty - Treasurer

Madi Evans - Secretary/Gym Scheduling

Kayla Dempsey - Resource Coach

Jane Freund - Volleymoms

Tom Krakow - Gym Scheduling

Linda Lang - Coaching Director

Ellie Marsico - Social

Jennifer Newall - Club Director

Robert Penland - Information Technology




Advisory Board

John Newall
President, McKinney Advertising

Brian Beatty, PT, CFP
Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer/Balanced Movement

Erik Hernandez
Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports




Leadership Team

Jack Petty







Linda Lang







Tom Krakow







Jennifer Newall




Madi Evans







Mark Lehmer







Daran Gill


Mailing Address

Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club (CHAVC)
P.O. Box 9851
125 South Estes Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27515