2017-18 CHAVC Athlete & Family Info

Welcome to the CHAVC Family! We are looking forward to a great season! Now that you’ve made a team, you are probably asking yourself, “What’s next?” While all of this material can be found on our website and in the Parent Handbook (also on the website,) here are the next steps and some helpful info about dues, jerseys, apparel, our Signing Party, and other upcoming events:

1. Register For Your Team:  In the next day or so, you will receive an invitation to register for your team via our LeagueApps tool. Once you accept the invitation, you will be prompted to select a payment plan or pay in full. You will be asked your jersey size, but you can change this if needed after you get sized (see Fit Kit below.)

2. USAV Membership: You must provide proof of USAV membership before or at your first practice. Players who have not provided proof cannot participate in practices. Also, USAV membership costs will increase by $10 after Nov 1, so register this week for the Early Bird discount. Membership is for a year. There are three ways you can provide that proof. Any one is sufficient:

a. When you join or renew you must change the club affiliation from the default of UNDECIDED to Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club. If you joined or renewed a while back you can log back in and change the club affiliation at any time if it is still set at the default of UNDECIDED. If you do not select Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club, you must do one of the following:

b. Forward a copy of the player’s USAV membership confirmation e-mail to your coach.

c. Log in and print a copy of the player’s USAV membership card and bring it to her first practice.

d. USAV Membership Links and Advice:

  1. Renew and join on-line. It’s cheaper and faster than renewing using paper. For renewals, you can start from https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/wp15/IntraLock/Login.wp
  2. For first time joiners:https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/wp/memberships/join.wp?mbr_ChapterID=9321.
  3. Detailed instructions: http://www.carolinaregionvb.org/registration/.

e. Why do players have to join USAV? The gym owners require CHAVC and anyone else to provide proof of insurance as a condition for renting their gyms. We get our insurance for practices from USAV and one of their conditions is that for their insurance to apply everyone on the court during a practice must be USAV members. Adults must also have a valid USAV background check. This applies only to on-court participants in practices and not spectators. Also, you cannot play in a USAV volleyball tournament unless you are a USAV member.

3. Dues Payments: To give our families as much flexibility as possible, we’ve provided you with several options:

  1. Pay in Full via Check/Cash – You can do this through LeagueApps, just click through and select “cash/check.” (The 4.2% credit/processing fee is waived if paid before or at our Signing Party on November 12th.) You will need to mail your check to the address indicated.
  2. Pay in Full via Credit Card through LeagueApps
  3. Payment Plan – depending on the team, dues will be broken down into 5-7 payments. You may use cash/check or credit card. (Creditcard fee of 1.2% is waived for cash/check payments.)
  4. As a convenience, LeagueApps allows users to set up automatic payments. You will receive a notification when the payment is about to be charged to your credit card.
  5. Dues: What do your dues cover?
    1. 12-14U Teams: Tournaments, practices. Hotel, travel to tournaments, and food expenses are not included in your dues.
    2. 15-18U Teams: Tournaments, practices, hotel/food (for Chaperoned Big South and South Atlantic Championships only.) All other tournament hotel and food expenses are separate, and not included in your dues. You can see estimated family expenses here: http://www.chavc.net/parents/payments/

4. The CHAVC Uniform:The 2018 Uniform Package includes three(3) Long Sleeved Jerseys and the Seamless Warm-up Jacket. Uniform fees are separate and are ordered online through LeagueApps. Your uniform package must be ordered no later than 11/13.

  1. Jerseys: All of our teams (except 12 Purple) will need three (3) long sleeved jerseys: Black Ombre, Lavender and Purple (new.) In order to determine your size, a “Fit Kit” will be brought to one of your upcoming practices and you will be able to try on various sizes. You will be given these options:
    1. New Player Jersey Package: New players need to purchase all three jerseys
    2. Returning Player Jersey – Returning players only need to purchase the new Purple jersey
    3. 12 Purple Players are only required to purchase the Black Ombre Jersey.
    4. Seamless Warm-Up Jacket: This is the same jacket we offered last season as an “Optional Item.” This year, it is part of the required uniform for all CHAVC players (excluding Volley101.) The jacket will be embroidered with our CHAVC logo. We will have various sizes of this jacket in our Fit Kit. Please have your player note what size they would like to order and make sure to include it in your shopping cart when ordering your jerseys. If they already have one from last season, they do not have to order another.

    Ordering your Required Uniform Package: All orders must go through LeagueApps and be made no later than 11/13 in order to have our jerseys and Warm-Up Jacket in time for our first tournaments.

5. Optional Apparel: Since CHAVC is “Powered by Mizuno” weareable to offer our players Mizuno gear at a significantly reduced cost. Sizing samples of all of the Optional Apparel will be available to try on at the Signing Party. All orders must be placed through LeagueApps. We will not be offering any returns or exchanges (except for quality issues) so please make sure you try on the items you plan to order. In addition to the Mizuno items, we are also offering a Champion brand CHAVC sweatshirt and cap. Samples of the following will be available at the signing party:

  • Arm Sleeves
  • Jogger Pant
  • Backpack
  • Hitter’s Pullover
  • Spandex
  • Shorts
  • Kneepads
  • Socks
  • Ankle Braces
  • Mizuno Wave Lightning
  • Champion CHA VC Sweatshirt
  • CHAVC Cap
  • CHAVC Tee-Shirts

* Please note that you are not required to wear Mizuno spandex or volleyball shoes. All initial Optional Apparel Orders must be submitted online by 11/13! We will open the store later in the season for supplemental orders.

6. Signing Night Party–This season our Signing Night Party will be on November 12th from 6-8:30 pm at Carrboro High School. We will have food trucks, team introductions and some other fun surprises! We will also have all of our Optional Apparel available to try on. Please note that we will not be taking apparel orders at the signing party this year. All Optional Apparel orders must be made online. In addition, now that we have the LeagueApps tool, we are encouraging our families to pay their dues (or the first installment) online. However, for those who would like to pay that night, we will still offer that option.

7. Position Clinics–At the beginning of each season, we have our players attend position clinics. These clinics take the place of the third team practice during November and December and will be held at CHS on Sundays. Your coach will tell you which clinic you are supposed to attend.

8. Player Development Programs: You will be able to sign up for these programs through LeagueApps. Some are free and some are add-on programs.

a. Eve Rackham Setting Clinic (12-18U) add on $90
b. Heart of An Athlete with Carla Overbeck
c. How to be a GREAT Teammate with Coach Amanda
d. Injury Prevention Clinic
e. Beast Defense and Blocking – add on $ TBD

9. Team Parents:This is an important position and we are grateful to all those who volunteer! As a thank you, we will be giving each team parent one of our awesome new CHAVC Champion sweatshirts! Team parents are responsible for the following:

  1. Tournament food table sign-up and organization
  2. Manage team’s LeagueApps page (this will replace Shutterfly and works the same way.)
  3. Add practices, tournaments, and other events to calendar
  4. Other team communication

10. General LeagueApps Info: LeagueApps is our new club management tool. All dues payments, apparel purchases, registration, and team communication will happen through LeagueApps. Parents can access and manage their dues payments and see all of their player activity (clinics, workshops, events, etc.) through their private account. Coaches can communicate with players in real time, making adjustments to the practice schedule in case of inclement weather or last minute tournament information.

11. Chaperone Program: This season our Chaperone Program will only be used for 15-18U teams attending Big South (Atlanta) and South Atlantic Championship (Richmond.) Information on this program and Chaperone requirements and responsibilities can be found on our website http://www.chavc.net/chaperone-program/.

12.Get Connected! There are lots of ways to stay connected to CHAVC. Please make sure you are receiving our newsletter as sometimes it goes into spam. The newsletter comes from news@chavc.net.

a. Facebook (CHAVC)
b. Twitter (@CHAVCClub)
c. Instagram (CHAVC)