Maximizing Your Potential with Greg Dale


Greg Dale, Director of Sports Psychology and Leadership Programs for Duke Athletics, will lead a clinic for athletes, parents and coaches to share ways in which athletes can achieve their full potential and improve performance on and off the court by using the Mind-Body Connection. He will also address the significance of the athlete-coach-parent triangle, and the important role parents and coaches play in helping their athletes have a positive sports experience.

Athletes will learn to:

• Focus on Success
• Let Go of Mistakes
• Get The Most Out of Practice
• Handle Criticism
* Thrive Under Pressure

In his sport psychology role, Dale provides consultations for individual athletes, coaches and staff members. In addition, Dale provides team building services for athletic teams and other units within Duke's athletic department. In his leadership role, Dale provides leadership training for athletes, coaches and administrators within the department through various educational programs. He is also a professor of sport psychology and sport ethics in the Department of Health, Wellness and Physical Education.

The talk will be held on Monday, March 5th at 7:00pm. Practices on that night will be rescheduled so all of our athletes, their families and coaches can attend. Location TBD.

Dale is the author of Promoting A Positive Athletic Experience: The Parent's Guide, The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches: How to Unlock and Unleash Your Team's Full Potential, It's a Mental Thing! 5 Keys to Improving Performance and Enjoying Sport, among many others.

You can read more about Greg Dale here.