17 Black

17 b (1)

CHAVC 17 Black is coached by Nick Allen, Maria Quinones, and Daran Gill.

Megan GattisL/DS5'4"Orange High School2019
Haiduong NguyenL/DS5'5"Chapel Hill High School2019
Elizabeth VosburgMB5'6"Orange High School2020
Zoe RenOH/OPP5'10"Chapel Hill High School2020
Amaya RoysterOH/OPP5'7"East Chapel Hill High School2020
Zara WaheedOH/OPP5'9"Chapel Hill High School2019
June ArricastresS5'8"Chapel Hill High School2020
Julia QuinonesL/DS5'4"Cresset Christian Academy2020
Anna Grace KomadaS5'6"Chapel Hill High School2020

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